Terraces Hotel Steirerschlössl
15 May - 26 October

A park with two terraces in the middle

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Spring is approaching and with it the warm season during which being outside beats sitting around at home any day. This is why we will once again serve all meals and beverages on our two Steirerschlössl terraces.

The last signs of winter are receding and the first buds are sprouting. There is a scent of spring in the air, perfectly blending with those coming out of the outstanding kitchen of Hotel Steirerschlössl. Bang in the middle of Zeltweg, it is an oasis of tranquillity with its large and breathtakingly pretty park in which you can leave all your troubles behind.

Choose between the northern terrace in the middle of the park with its cosy wood and lounging furniture and the southern terrace that hugs the Art Nouveau gem that is the main building.

Enjoy your lunch, snack or dinner in the open! Our specially created lunch menu served from Monday to Friday is particularly popular. You’ll see: Our selected culinary delights taste even better out in the open air while their fresh ingredients from the region will give you strength for the rest of your work day.

Tip: Our fruity sorbets and ice cream variations will get you in the mood for the hot days of summer!

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